About us




We are building the biggest online community for robots… and also humans. 

We aim to build a place for lovers of robotics, sci-fi, pop culture and arts inspired by robots, where you can find both digital and physical products as well as content. 

Our content is intended to showcase the works of our favorite creators. Not only from programers or robotics designers, but also from musicians and authors who have been inspired by the intelligent machines we love.

Our editorial team brings together stories and in depth-analysis from our favorite characters from movies, cartoons & animated series. 

We believe in human-robot collaboration. 

We believe that robots can help us improve our lives by enhancing our abilities. Human-robot collaboration should help us become better humans. 

We believe that human-robot collaboration should enable us to explore creativity, 

We believe that, in order to make the most of our lives, we must learn how to co-live with intelligent machines.

We believe that by merging human creativity with technology, we can create art.

We believe that while coding is a helpful skill, the future can be understood 

We believe that in order to thrive in a world where robots are an essential part of our lives, we must learn about robots and understand their principles to overcome fear and be able to improve our lives. 

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